Translation of legal and financial documents

Our legal translations department takes care of your juridical texts in our two main languages (German and Italian), as well as English and French, and of the accurate editing of your legal texts. Our external translators are experienced mother-tongue specialist translators with a high degree of specialisation and practical experience in everyday legal work, for example as legal advisors, lawyers or research assistants.

Professional translations in the fields of law, economics and finance

  • Legal pleadings, contracts and statutes, court decisions, judgments and lawsuits,
  • General terms and conditions, official documents, patent documents,
  • Extracts from commercial registers, medical certificates and expert medical opinions, apostilles and other documents

Legally effective certified translations

  • This service is available in Italy and Germany

Interpreting in court, at notary appointments and during visits to the authorities

  • This service is available in Italy and Germany

Translations are an essential part of legal practice. Inaccuracies and poor legibility can lead to misunderstandings and distortions of the content. An accurate and fluent translation reflects the quality of the source document and clearly conveys its content.

We are used to working under time pressure and with tight deadlines.

Our specialist legal translators are trained in at least two legal systems. They have a deep understanding of legal content and linguistic conventions in the German and Italian legal systems.

Legal translations are to a great extent a matter of trust. On request, we will conclude a non-disclosure agreement with you prior to the submission of the offer or your first order. It goes without saying that our internal and external employees are subject to confidentiality and secrecy. They explicitly undertake to do so in a corresponding contractual agreement.

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