Translation and localization of audiovisual projects

Audiovisual translation deals with the transfer of multimedia content into another language or culture. Each country’s movie-going culture is different, but as the localization market expands with streaming, so do dubbing and subtitling.

Sub or dub? Whatever your preference is, INFOLINGUA takes care of all the necessary steps to ensure that the original message is transmitted accurately into the target language.

Transcription of Audio and Video files

Transcription is an essential phase of audiovisual translation. The spoken text of an audio or video file is recorded in writing. Subsequently the transcribed text can be edited, published, translated or adapted for subtitling.

Captioning and Subtitling

We provide high-quality captioning and multi-language subtitling services that enable you to make your existing audiovisual projects suitable for foreign language audiences without replacing the original soundtrack.

Translation of Scripts and Screenplays

Translating a script is a highly specialized job, requiring highly qualified professionals specializing in audiovisual translation. From the simple adaptation of a conventional script to the translation and adjustment for dubbing of films or TV screenplays.

Dubbing, Voice-Over, Synchronisation

Through collaborative agreements with renowned recording studios in Rome and Munich, INFOLINGUA can provide the right voices and the necessary facilities for all your audiovisual projects. In more than 40 languages.

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